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Jo-Ann Lee is Indigenous chef with her catering business; Goanna Hut provides people the experience to taste modern Koori fusion. Her skills allow her to share her Aboriginal heritage and culture with all.


She has been cooking for more than 25 years; her style and creative approach to food have developed a reputation and a large following.

Jo-Ann cooks, presents and appears locally in Sydney at food events and Indigenous celebrations. One of the largest events is NAIDOC, where Jo-Ann cooks a sumptuous feast in an earth oven in Hyde Park every year for all the taste indigenous cuisine. These cooking events she holds demonstrates her passion for fusing native and Indigenous Australian ingredients with contemporary cooking techniques to create a unique blend, introducing these foods and flavours to the wider community.

As a Wiradjuri woman, Jo-Ann is part of one of the largest Indigenous Nation within NSW. She became interested in cooking as a child, starting her cooking journey at 14, after watching her mother and aunts prepare meals.  

Initially starting her culinary venture at the local gourmet markets sharing the tastes and flavours of Indigenous Australia that she has married together with her contemporary cooking style.

This has led to the creation of Goanna Hut, an indigenous catering company in Sydney.

Now, cooking regularly for large corporate, public and cultural events around the country, bringing a signature mix of contemporary flavours to every event through a huge range of bush-tucker-inspired dishes.

2017 marked a big year for Goanna Hut Co and Jo-Ann, receiving a grant from ‘AMP Tomorrow Makers’ to help launch her retail range of teas using native ingredients.

2018 saw Goanna Hut bring to market five flavoursome blends using mainly Australia grown teas mixed with Indigenous ingredients. Creating blends that are memorable for everyone to enjoy.

In 2019, Goanna Hut continues to make a name with the launch of the website and e-shop allowing a wider audience to both purchase the Goanna Hut tea range or request catering for events. Adding to the range of teas. Goanna Hut now sells a premium selection of indigenous spices, sauces, jams and foods. Bringing these Australian natives to the wider community as Jo-Ann has a love with all things Australian.

Jo-Ann is available for appearances and events and would be happy to be considered as a part of your next celebration.

Goanna Hut have been a Supply Nation certified supplier since 2019.

Supply Nation is the Australian leader in supplier diversity. We bring together the biggest national database of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses with the procurement teams of Australiaʼs leading organisations to help them engage, create relationships and do more business.

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For event, media and appearance inquiries, please mail info@goannahut.com.au or telephone +61 405 688 451